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Friday, January 11, 2019

Lung Cancer Treatment

Treatment of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most deadly disease in the world right now. In this article, we are going to discuss the treatment of lung cancer and stage 4 lung cancer life expectancy without treatment. So let's start.

treatment for lung cancer
Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

To treat lung cancer doctors take few tests to diagnose the cancerous cells and to watch other conditions. Few tests for the treatment of lung cancer are listed below

Sputum Cytology

By doing sputum cytology doctors can check the intensity of cancer cells in our lungs under the microscope. This test usually is taken if you have a cough and you are producing sputum.

CT scan and X-Ray

X-Ray test or images of your lungs can show the abnormal mass or nodules. Very small lesions in the lungs may not be detected in X-Ray but the CT Scan image can reveal them properly.


The normal cells of lung cancer can be removed by a procedure called Biopsy.iopsy can be done in many ways which include bronchoscopy in which a light tube is passed down from throat to the lungs which check the normal areas of lungs which can cause lung cancer. Mediastinoscopy is another test in which your neck is made in incision and few surgical tools are inserted in your breast bone to take some samples of tissues from lymph nodes. 3rd test which is called needle biopsy can also be taken in which doctor uses CT scan or x-ray to guide a needle to your wall of the chest and put it into the tissues of lungs to collect harmful cells. The biopsy sample can also be taken from other areas where cancer may have been spread like the liver and from lymph nodes.

These were the few tests to check the level of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Treatment

After the lung cancer has been diagnosed. Now it's the time for the treatment of lung cancer but for the treatment, it is necessary to confirm the extent of lung cancer. Because by determining the extent of lung cancer can help the doctors to do the best and suitable treatment. There are 4 stages in lung cancer. In level 1, that the cancer is limited only to the lungs but the level 4 cancer shows that it has spread in the other parts of the body.

Treatment for lung cancer

Lung Cancer Treatment can be planned on the number of various factors such as the type of cancer, the stage of cancer and the overall health of the patient who is suffering from lung cancer. In some cases, doctors may decide not to undergo the treatment of lung cancer because of the so many side effects of the treatment.

These Treatments are done to treat the lung cancer


In surgery, the surgeon removes the harmful cells which cause cancer and few healthy tissues. The procedure of removing the lung cancer cells are:

Wedge Resection

It is used to remove the small section lung which contains the tumor and cancer plus they remove the healthy tissues also.

Segmental Resection

Segmental resection is done to remove the larger portion or section of lung but not the whole lobe.


In lobectomy, surgeon removes the full lobe of the affected lung


It is used to remove the entire lung if the cancer has affected the whole lung


Surgery is done only when cancer has spread into the lungs not in the other parts of the body. If the patient's cancer is severe, then the doctors use other options like chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and radiosurgery etc.

lung cancer treatment

Radiation Therapy

In Radiation therapy high-powered energy beams from sources such as phrase and protons are used to kill cancer cells. for the patients of lung cancer with stage 3 or stage, 4 may be given Radiation therapy before or after surgery its mainly combined with chemotherapy which we are going to discuss below. Radiation therapy helps symptoms in relieving the symptoms of lung cancers such as pain. Radiation therapy is more effective in the treatment of lung cancer and has fewer side effects.


In chemotherapy drugs are used to kill the cancer cells in the body. one or more than one chemotherapy drugs will be given into the body through the vein in arms or may be given by mouth. Chemotherapy is given in a series of treatment over a regular interval of time it may be weekly or monthly depends on a patient in how much time the body can be recovered.

Chemotherapy may be given after the surgery to kill the remained cells of cancer. and also be given before the surgery to shrink cancer which makes it is easier to remove. chemotherapy can be given alone or combined with Radiation therapy. It can also be used to relieve the pain of cancer and other symptoms.

Targeted Drug Therapy

Targeted Drug Therapy is a type of treatment of lung cancer which basically focuses on the abnormalities are present in the cancer cells. Targeted drug cancer treatment block these abnormalities and is cancer. This therapy is mainly given to the patients of lung cancer of stage 4. targeted drug therapy does not suit everyone so to encounter with this problem the doctors may test your cancer cells before starting targeted drug therapy that this therapy will work on the patient or not.


Radio surgery is also known as stereotactic body radiotherapy. It is an extreme Radiation therapy that aims a number of beams of radiation from different angles at the part of the body affected by cancer. radiotherapy treatment completes in one or few treatments.

Radiosurgery may be used on the patients who have small lung cancer or the one who cannot undergo surgery.

Palliative Care

There are so many side effects of treatment of lung cancer. the people suffering from lung cancer are given palliative care which is a type of sensitive care is supportive care which helps in minimizing the signals and symptoms of lung cancer. The doctor may recommend you to meet the palliative care team after your treatment has completed or during the cancer treatment.


In this therapy immune system is used to kill cancer. basically, immunotherapy is given to the patients suffering from stage 3 or stage 4 cancer. The immune system of the patient suffering from cancer finds itself unable to fight the cancer cells. in immunotherapy, this process is reversed and your immune system will fight the cancer cells and finally kills it.

So These were the few treatments of lung cancer. In the next Post, I am Going to tell you a few home remedies and Alternative medicines for lung cancer. Symptoms Of Lung Cancer Causes and Symptoms of Heart diseases Stay Tuned Thanks

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