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Saturday, January 5, 2019

5 Proven ways to boost your immunity naturally!!!

Do you have low immunity? Do you catch cold now and then? or Do you feel tired most of the time? or You are facing skin issues? or maybe patchy hair loss? well, all these are the signs of the weak immune system!!! Don't worry as in this blog I am going to share with you 5 simple ways so that you can boost your immune system naturally. An immune system is a group of organs that protect our body from infections. A weak immune system is like a direct invitation to health problems. Sometimes the immune system gets too much weak that it mistakenly start attacking our own body!

Arthritis and Type-1 Disease are two such types of disease caused by it. Stress unhealthy lifestyle and itching are some are the causes of the weak immune system. Even if you have a strong immune system at this age should not take it for granted and actually put an effort to keep it strong so that you can enjoy long-term health benefit. So here are 5 simple ways to boost your immune system naturally.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an Indian herb It is so powerful that it is named as Indian Gensing. Ashwagandha is well known to instantly boost the immune system. Simply take one glass of hot milk and add 1 Teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder into it. The best time to have it is one hour before going to sleep at night. If you have issues like digestive milk then replace it with water. You can purchase this best organic Ashwagandha powder from the given link.


2. Giloy

Giloy another Ayurvedic herb also known as Amrita which literally translates to the meaning roots of Immortality. It helps to remove toxins and purifies the blood and fights the bad bacteria.  Just mix one teaspoon of Giloy powder in a glass of water and have it empty stomach in the body.

3. Mint Drink 

This is one sweet soft drink to make your immune system stronger. Simply put 500ml of water in a pan add a half teaspoon of turmeric into it. Let it boil for two minutes now add 10-12 mint leaves. Let it further boil for another 2-3 minutes. Pour the mixture in a glass. Let it cool a bit now add 1 teaspoon of honey into it. That's it this simple drink have all the antioxidant to fight the unwanted microbes in the body.

4. Turmeric  

Turmeric an Indian spice boosts the immune system to an amazing end. Simply add half a teaspoon of turmeric into hot milk and have it before one hour going to sleep at night. Turmeric milk will instantly shield your body from infectious bacteria and microbes.


5. Amla


It is one of the best natural product to boost your immune system power instantly. Amla is full of vitamin C the amount of vitamin C in 1 Amla is equal to that of 20 oranges. So just one Amla a day will keep the infections away. You can consume Amla in any form Juice, Pickle or raw.
Of course, you no need to try all these remedies at the same time. Pick any one of your choices and practice it regularly for a few months and you will clearly see the results coming in your way. It is also advised to maintain a healthy and balanced diet including seasonal fruits on a daily basis. 

Sit under the sun for about 10-15 minutes daily whenever possible exercise regularly. Minimize the intake of high sugary food. Drink enough water to naturally detoxifies the body. Maintain proper sleep timings. Do not indulge in smoking and drugs of course immune system weakens with age. However, using these home remedies may excessively boost your immune system so that you will have a healthy life.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart

Healthy Foods List for a healthy Heart.

Healthy Foods List for a healthy Heart.

Heart Diseases are the main cause of death in today's world. Blocked blood vessels decrease the blood flow in our body. This increases the risk of different heart diseases or heart attack. So we can reduce the risk of heart diseases by making a few changes in our food habits. Today I am going to give you a healthy food list for a heart. By following this heart-healthy food list you can reduce your risk of heart diseases and clear your clogged arteries.
Most deaths are caused because of not following the list of heart-healthy foods, taking too much stress, high blood pressure, and unhealthy diet plan.

These are the best healthy food list for a healthy heart


heart healthy foods list
Cranberries are rich in potassium which reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterols. Consume its juice 3 glasses daily. It will reduce the risk of heart attack by 40 percent.

Olive Oil

heart healthy foods list
Olive oil contains a good amount of healthy fats, which helps to reduce the bad cholesterol level and lowers the risk of heart strokes by 41 percent. Italians and Greeks have been using its oil as a secret ingredient. It leads to optimal health.


heart healthy foods list
Coffee is one of the most consumed and loved drink in the world. Having 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of heart attack by 20 percent.

Green Tea

heart healthy foods list
Green Tea has a very amazing health benefit which gives energy to the whole body because of high catechin levels in it. By drinking one to two cups of green tea daily will Boost Your metabolism and maintain your cholesterol level.


heart healthy foods list
Broccoli contains plenty amount of vitamin K in it. By adding broccoli to your food list not only will reduce your cholesterol level but also regulate your blood pressure and will prevent the collection of calcium in the heart arteries.


heart healthy foods list
Spinach contains a very high amount of iron in it which helps in gaining muscles. Spinach helps in cleaning the arteries and lowering the blood pressure in our body it also contains potassium and folic acids which reduces the risk of heart attack.


heart healthy foods list
Watermelon contains Potassium and Magnesium in a good amount which helps for our good health of the heart. intake of watermelon increases the production of nitric oxide and cleans the blood vessels. Watermelon is a perfect dessert in summers for our heart.


Seaweeds are high in antioxidants which contains many useful Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and Carotenoids. So it provides very good healing power. Intake of Seaweed on regular basis balances our blood pressure levels clear our blood vessels and improve the blood circulation level in our body. Intake of Seaweed also reduce the cholesterol level up to 15%.


Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart
Nuts are rich in Fats, Omega-3 and other useful minerals which helps in boosting our brain power, it regulates the cholesterol level and heals the joint pains. Having a good amount of walnut and Almonds on the daily basis is very good for our heart health.


Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart
Cheese contains many useful fats which are good for our health. Consuming too much cheese will not be healthy for our body but a small amount of cheese will control our cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

Whole Grains

heart healthy foods list
Whole grains are rich in fibers and carbohydrates which is very beneficial for high cholesterol levels and which prevents the accumulation of wax in our arteries.


Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart
Pomegranate is good for our blood circulation because it increases the nitric oxide production in our body.

Orange Juice

Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart
Just two glasses of fresh orange juice maintain the high blood pressure and clear the arteries.

Tuna Fish

Healthy Foods List for a Healthy Heart

Tuna fish is rich in Fatty Acids which lowers the cholesterol and triglyceride. Same benefits can be obtained from Salmon Fish and Mackerel.


Curcumin found in turmeric benefits us our body in many ways. It boosts overactive fat storage. You can consume it by adding it in dishes or may mix it in milk.


Consumption of garlic relaxes the blood vessels and control the bad cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of Heart Attacks.
Here was the List of Heart-healthy foods which will surely help you to better your heart health.
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Saturday, December 29, 2018

7 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Recipes and Ideas for your week (Ditch the Paranthas)

A Healthy Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the time of the day when our body is in need of a good meal so breakfast should be heavy and balanced. However, most of us are not having our meal healthy or eating the same food again and again. I am going to give a few Healthy breakfast ideas so you don't have to think what to eat tomorrow.

While selecting the food items for this blog, I kept in mind to select the food that it takes the least time for cooking and to serve the variety of taste and mostly the practicality, so if you are tired of eating paranthas daily in your breakfast, idli and dosa daily then this blog is actually made for you, so in this blog I will be mentioning 7 best option for making your morning breakfast healthy and tasty by using minimum ingredients without compromising in  the taste. Let's start with First healthy Breakfast Idea.

1. Besan ka chila:

Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Besan Ka Chila

Looking for a break from your regular breakfast dosa it might the better option for you. This is most healthy breakfast recipe for everyone. Try besan ka chila once, this highly complex carbohydrate and protein food is the best option for you rather than your regular dosa which is must need in breakfast. To make Besan ka chila you need
  • Gram flour (1 cup)
  • Water (half  a cup)
  • Onions little bit
  • Tomato
  • Rock salt
  • Turmeric powder 
  • Ginger paste
  • Coriander leaves
This is the time you can customize them all according to your need. Mix all the ingredients completely. Take a  hot pan now and now add a little bit of mustard oil. Put two-three spoons of your mixture in the pan and spread it like you do with an omelet let it coom until its old color appears then flip it to the other side and cook it also remove it from the pan and serve it with curd(dahi) or any other chutney. It is super healthy and tasty too no one can eat just one. Now let's jump to number 2.

2. Tamarind rice:

Healthy breakfast ideas
Tamarind rice

Tamarind rice is commonly known as "Pulli Hora" in some native language. It is one of my favorite Breakfast recipeit is tangy, tasty and healthy. Let's check its quick recipe.

  • Take a half cup of  rice and put it in boiling water in a utensil and make rice.
  • Now take a pan and heat it and put a spoon of ghee into it.
  • Once hot Add the mustard seeds.
  • Add Curry Leaves, Peanuts, Turmeric, rock salt, heeng.
  • Take some tamarind and boil it in water.
  • Add this tamarind in the pan after some time.
  • Cook until it thickens and takes its consistency
  •  Finally, add boiled rice and give it a good mix.
That's it your tamarind rice and ready to be served well-balanced with complex carbohydrates and protein and light healthy fats from peanuts bet option for a good meal. The next one is more easy let's talk about it. 

3. Three simple ingredients:

Healthy breakfast ideas
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Healthy Breakfast Recipe

These ingredients hardly require any cooking in them. It is ideal for hostlers and the people looking for healthy fast breakfast options. All you need is 4-5 Soaked almonds, 1-2 Bananas, one Glass of warm milk.
Healthy breakfast recipes
soaked almonds

Believe me the combination of almond, banana, and milk is so filling and nourishing for your body that you ask for it at least for a few hours make sure not to quickly gulp it down through your throat eat it slowly and mindfully. Now let's talk about number 4.

4. Sweet Rice

healthy breakfast ideas
Sweet rice

This is my current favorite breakfast recipe. If you have sweet tooth now you will also eat it. I cook it whenever I get late for my work because it is so quick and easy to make that it hardly requires any skill and time. 

Just take a half cup of brown rice and boil it. Once it is boiled add 2-3 teaspoon of ghee in it and 2-3 tablespoons of jaggery powder (Shakkar).Mix well and add soaked almonds in it so easy, isn't it? It is so tasty and divine that it tastes like eating Prashad at a temple. I just love it, surely worth to try. Let's talk about number 5.

5. Curd Rice

Healthy breakfast recipes
Curd rice

Now if you are facing any diet-related issue then you must go for it. I highly recommend you this delicious curd rice recipe first thing in the morning lets checks about its quick recipe.

Take half cup of rice boil the rice and keep them aside. Next in a pan put some mustard oil and keep the flame low. Add some cumin seeds and mustard seeds in the pan and let them crack now add curry leaves add a pinch of Hing add rock salt for taste saute the mixture for a while add boiled rice into it and then add some curd around 200gm and fresh leaves of coriander mix well.

This recipe is not only tasty but it contains most of the important nutrients needed for our body. The pro-bacteria present in the curd is especially the most effective in this dish when consumes first thing in the morning work best for our stomach so try eating this healthy dish regularly for 10 days for digestive issues and you will see all your digestive problem disappearing.

6. Ragi Malt  

Healthy breakfast recipes
Ragi Malt

Are you someone who prefers drinking over eating in breakfast. If yes, then you should definitely try Ragi Malt made from the wonder word Ragi and probiotic curd. It is an authentic Indian smoothie recipe. Let's know how to make it.

Mix 2-4 teaspoon of ragi flour with a little bit of water enough to make a paste boil 1 cup of water add rock salt add the rai paste and cook it for 2-3 minutes once it cools down add half a teaspoon lemon juice add 50gm of curd. It is very rich in mineral, vitamins, minerals and amino acid perfect for weight loss. Do give it a try.

7. Cashew Upma 

Healthy breakfast ideas
Cashew upma

A well-cooked upma can badly beat a pasta. Let's check out the recipe

Put a pan on low flame once it gets hot add cow ghee 1 teaspoon in it. Put some cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon in it now let them sprout now add some ginger and add some onions in it add curry leaves and turmeric powder, rock salt, chopped tomato in it and gently saute it add a few cashews and thoroughly mix them Put a title bit of water and add a little bit of broken wheat(Upma) into it. Mix all the ingredients completely and cook them well that's all cashew upma is ready.

Well balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. Cashew upma again an ideal solution for the breakfast.

So these are some of the best healthy ideas for your daily breakfast other than your regular one. You should try each of these Healthy Breakfast Recipes once and please let us know how were they in the comments section.

And if you also have some good and healthy idea apart from your regular one please do let us know about that also.